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ACA Fees & Taxes = 13% of Your Health Plan Costs in 2020

According to Milliman, a top actuarial firm globally, ACA fees and taxes now add 10% to the cost of your health plan – and they will be increasing to 13% in 2020!

When the average employer spends $15,000 per employee per year on healthcare 13% is a significant number. Is there any way around this? YES there is…

When an employer sets up a custom health plan, they are no longer subject to these taxes and fees. While there are many benefits to setting up a custom plan (transparency and control come to mind), the thought of lowering your health care spending by 13% in 2020 alone makes it a worthwhile consideration for most employers.

We are happy to share best practices as well as case studies from actual CA employers. Reach out if you would like to learn more.

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