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Results Oriented Benefits Consulting

Relationships work best when everyone is working toward a common goal. It’s this mindset that we believe is most responsible for the success of outcomes we achieve for the clients and businesses that we work alongside.

Not at all what you’re used to

To state the obvious, we understand that your goal as an employer is to grow your business. This can be increasingly difficult as premiums continue to rise at an unsustainable rate. We’re here to tell you that answer is not to pass the cost on to employees or to continue to accept these unreasonable renewal increases. Instead, we’ll completely sidestep the status quo and show you how to turn liability into profit boosting opportunity. 

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Predictably and consistently convert liability into profit-boosting opportunity

Direct Boost

Our consulting solutions aid in directly boosting your bottomline by reducing overall healthcare spend by 30 to 40% on average. You will also receive a lump-sum refund check of unused premium at the end of each insurance year.

Indirect Boost

Offering top quality health care for less out-of-pocket creates a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Your benefits package will work as competitive edge for attracting and retaining top talent in your space.

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With the increases of the last few years we were at the breaking point. In fact, we had already communicated to our employees that we would begin cost sharing premium with them for the first time. At the time we met the folks at PCS and they worked with us to drastically cut costs without reducing the benefit to our employees.

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Time for results, not renewal increases

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