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Cash Pricing on Health Care?

An article in the LA Times reported a CT scan of the abdomen costs about $2,400 for patients insured by Blue Shield of California, while the Los Alamitos (Calif.) Medical Center cash price is only $250.

This represents an 89% discount! And, if you were to look at many procedures, you find consistently big discounts for cash customers vs. those who use traditional insurance/PPO contracts to pay for their medical care at facilities.

In fact, I have seen cases where a provider bills one amount for a surgery and the client’s PPO pays significantly more than the billed charge because they “have to pay according tot their PPO contract” …

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

How much more affordable could your health plan be if you were able to take advantage of the cash pricing that facilities and providers are happy to accept as opposed to the contracted rates your insurer pays?

There is good news – there are savvy employers all around the country who are taking advantage of this disparity and achieving significant reductions in the cost of their employer sponsored health plan – all while providing better results for their employees.

Is it time to rethink your traditional approach to your health care spend?

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