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Did Trump Drop The Ball on U.S. COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Paul Seegert of PCS Advisers talks with Jim Bohannon about the latest issue on Trump declining additional COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer. Did Trump really drop the ball on this one? Find that out by watching the full interview here:

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Joel Heitkamp of Down the Road on BEK TV interviews Paul Seegert of PCS Advisers on the issue of US government declines Pfizer’s offer for more vaccine doses. (16 December 2020)

With the UK’s recent approval of Pfizer and BioNTech led COVID-19 vaccines, why is it that the US seems to be lagging behind? Jeff Angelo of WHO Radio taps PCS Adviser’s Managing Partner Paul Seegert to answer this question. (03 December 2020)

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