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Paul Seegert of PCS Goes on FOX to Discuss Frontline Workers Declining COVID-19 Vaccine

Now that the COVID-19 vaccines are being made available, it seems some healthcare and frontline workers are unwilling to receive the vaccine.

Of the first week that we started vaccinating, 40 percent of our staff did not want to be vaccinated on the basis of: let’s wait and see what happens to you guys, and then we get it,”

Dr. Joseph Varon, the chief of staff at UMMC.

Paul Seegert of PCS was brought on the FOX television program to talk about a similar response in California as well as other US states. 

Riverside County in California is an example, 50% of their front line health care workers have declined to take the vaccine … The governor of Ohio has shared that 60 percent of nurses in their state have declined to take the vaccine, and the numbers across the country are pretty similar.”

Paul Seegert, Managing Partner at PCS Advisers

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