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Paul Seegert weighs in on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Planning

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and biotech firm Moderna has recently announced the results of their clinical trials for their vaccines against COVID-19.

In a test conducted by Pfizer on 43,538 people in six countries, final data suggests a 95% efficacy. On the other hand, Moderna confirms that their vaccine is almost 95% effective after conducting a trial of over 30,000 people. Meanwhile, another vaccine is being developed by Oxford University and biotech firm AstraZeneca that is now on average 70.4% effective.

Both Pfizer and Moderna are set to apply for emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. Once approved, both companies are set to produce millions of doses to be distributed by next year.

The three mentioned companies only represent a fraction of various clinical trials that are being done right now.

With all these ongoing clinical trials and the nearing possibility of having a vaccine that will put an end to the pandemic, the next question is, how do we handle the planning and distribution of these vaccines? Find out through this interview of PCS Adviser’s Managing Partner Paul Seegert with Scott Sloan of 700 WLW Radio, Cincinatti.

Listen to the full interview here:

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