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A well-oiled machine

Auto Dealership Analysis

With 156 employees enrolled in healthcare, the total insurance cost for this auto group was almost $835k for 2017. Rather than accept the usual yearly increase of 8-12%, PCS was able to reduce the total employer costs by 31% driving down total spend to $578,949.40 for 2018.

Total Cost Reduction

A whole new landscape

Landscaping Company Analysis

This major landscaping company was presented with an 8% increase for 2018 when they began to search for greener pastures. PCS was able to offer a 16% total cost reduction equating to over $200K in total savings.

Total Cost Reduction

Medical-grade Benefits

Hospital & Medical Center Analysis

This California Medical Center with over 100 enrolled employees was looking at over $863,000 in benefits spend and facing yet another renewal increase. WIth the guidance of PCS, rather than pay the increase, this group was able to reduce their overall benefits spend close to $100k in the first year.

Total Cost Reduction
Time for results, not renewal increases

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