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With the increases of the last few years we were at the breaking point. In fact, we had already communicated to our employees that we would begin cost sharing premium with them for the first time. At the time we met the folks at PCS and they worked with us to drastically cut costs without reducing the benefit to our employees.
Santa Rosa, CA
PCS has saved us money and given us incredible peace of mind.
Roseville, CA
PCS has always been diligent in assisting our staff with appropriate enrollments and timely claims processing. Our staff members have been very appreciative of the personal attention that they have received.
Santa Rosa, CA
We changed to PCS in September of 2016 and have been very impressed with their personalized service. They handle all enrollments on-site, individually, with our employees, and are always accessible should any issues arise. Overall, we are very happy with their services.
Willows, CA
We worked with a traditional benefits broker for many years to manage our employee benefits. We saw what most employers have seen over the last several years — large premium increases each year and less benefits for our employees. A few years back we were introduced to the team at PCS. Working with them we were able to significantly cut our costs — without reducing the benefits for our employees. Their unique approach has also allowed us to continue to cover all of the benefit costs for our employees at a time when most employers are no longer in a position to do this.
Windsor, CA
They take time to educate our employees on the new laws that could affect their coverage so that everyone feels the best choice for coverage has been made. We are satisfied beyond words and would recommend PCS to all friends and business associates.
Rocklin, CA
PCS Insurance has been a value to our company that we have previously not had. To us the value of the policy is limited to the representation that the agency provides. In this case , this is the best insurance that we have had because of PCS.
Boise, ID
We've been able to access programs that improved our overall coverage while driving down costs for the past two years. Their service level has also been a cut above any of the brokers we worked with in the past. I highly recommend PCS.
Cupertino, CA
The affordable plans that we received through PCS have enabled us to round out our benefits offering and made the plans accessible to employees at every level of our company. The PCS team's willingness to be flexible and work to fulfill our needs resulted in a high level of satisfaction with the overall enrollment process.
Healdsburg, CA
I really appreciate the the staff at PCS Insurance Services. I have a great deal more peace of mind knowing I have them as a resource for my business.

Ontario, OR
We have done business with PCS for close to a decade and we couldn’t recommend them any higher!
Roseville, CA
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