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Paul Seegert

Different approach. Drastic results.

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Driven by Outcomes

Paul Seegert has played an integral role in changing the way businesses manage their second largest expense. Unwilling to accept the the unsustainable renewal increases for employee healthcare, Paul set out to find a better way.


The shame of it is, most employers don’t know they can manage their healthcare like any other supply-chain in their business. The insurance industry has conditioned us to think that their over-inflated products are the only option – and it’s simply not the case.

Finding a Better Way

After carefully auditing each component of a typical employee benefits package, it became overwhelmingly obvious that most insurance plans lack efficiency of costs and quality of care which underserves both the employees who participate and employers who pay the premiums.

“I’ve seen it stunt the growth of businesses that should’ve been flourishing – so much missed opportunity.”

With that in mind, Paul’s mission became to architect a healthcare solution that would generate ROI for the employer while better serving the workforce. The outcomes were so drastic that Paul has become nationally recognized as a leader in the healthcare space, speaking on panels to share strategies and insights with advisers and executives looking for a better way.

Latest News

Weighing in on Amazon Pharmacy

Ecommerce giant Amazon has recently launched Amazon Pharmacy, its own online and mobile prescription ordering and fulfillment service. Find out what this means for the pharmacy industry and the effect it may have on your wallet as Paul Seegert goes on-air to weigh in on The Jim Bohannon Show.

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California Business Journal Feature

When it came to lowering Rx costs, California Business Journal turned to Paul Seegert of PCS Advisers for actionable advice that employers can use to instantly reduce their prescription costs. Paul simplified his approach by offering three practical steps to drastically lower Rx costs…

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PCS Advisers’ own Paul Seegert was asked to weigh in on why Americans pay so much for health care on the live national television program, America is Talking

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Paul Seegert featured in The Wall Street Journal

Paul Seegert, Managing Partner of PCS Advisers, was featured as one of The Wall Street Journal’s Masters of Success. This recognition is given to professionals who have mastered the art of success in their industry.

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